True ReQuiescence Awaits

uncover you

uncover you

5-day Immersive Retreat harnessing the power of Neuroscience, Breathwork, Meditation, Epigenetics And Ancestral Healing


Curated & Led by Mayo Clinic Stress Expert Dr Safia Debar

Morocco November 15-20th 2024


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This has been years in the making. When I set foot on this eco-lodge deep in the South of Morocco nestled between majestic sand dunes and calm blue lagoon waters, I knew it was time. Decades of clinical experience, breathwork facilitation, stress management training & integrative medicine will provide the backdrop. The depth of the human condition will be the canvas


Designed to go deep fast

Step off the treadmill of overwhelm, stress & imposed expectations

Press pause, immerse yourself in nature and re-examine life

Allow yourself to be supported instead of managing others

 Take home the tools for emotional regulation 

Release your unhelpful patterns paving the way for joy

Why I'm passionate about what I do. Neuroscience is the secret sauce! 

Hint: It's all connected to the depth, quality and power of the human experience resulting in health & vitality.



Feeling the relentless tension knotting your shoulders, a constant reminder of deadlines, worries and expectations. Each night trying to switch off the rush of adrenaline, a restless mind racing, its whispers of inadequacy drowning out the silence. A palpable heaviness on your chest with each responsibility, an inner knowing of “there must be another way” accompanies you through the day interrupted by your body screaming it’s tired.


A soothing exhale as the tension melts, releasing its grip on your neck, back and shoulders. Picture a mind that feels like a clear sky after a storm, observing life rather than being swept away by it. Deep breaths feel restorative, smiling because you can’t help it, in awe at your surroundings; simply feeling content that this is enough.

An inner knowing of “I can”, a quiet confidence of creating what was previously thought impossible. Guided by science, it’s as clear as day now: the unhelpful patterns, you as a child, why you do what you do and the link to physical health.


A non negotiable desire for self care rooted in self worth and a total paradigm shift in how life will now be lived.


LOCATION: Dakhla, Morocco


Where you will be staying

An ecolodge in Dakhla, the South of Morocco. Off the beaten track on purpose. Nestled between majestic sand dunes and blue waters; it's the ideal setting.

Where you will be sleeping

Simple, crisp, serene and quiet. All you need for going within. No to do lists here. Individual bungalows for privacy. 

Where you will be CHILLING

The power of relaxation in healing is critical. You will have all nature's elements to ground yourself again: stunning palm trees, cacti, blue waters & soft sand between your toes.

Where you will be STRETCHING

The fully equipped yoga studio will be our home for most of our sessions. Anti-gravity yoga for that added touch of "being held".  

Where you will be EATING

Nourishment in community. Daily buffets where we can connect, chat and laugh over beautifully prepared home grown organic food.


With their own "potager du desert", the food is carefully prepared by the team. We will cater for all.


This is for you if

  • You’ve had no headspace or time to actually address burnout 
  • You’re suppressing, escaping or distracting yourself from your feelings
  • Anxiety has become the norm
  • You are taking care of everyone and everything but yourself
  • You’re high performing but at the expense of health, relationships and self care
  • You want deep fast transformation
  • You want relationships that feel like peaceful meadows not uncertain volatile minefields

The moment 

you realise stress dominates joy, affects your health & depletes your energy YOU ARE IN A STATE OF INFLAMMATION

THS is the prescription...

  • Learn specific techniques to feel and manage intense emotions, transforming that familiar adrenaline rush into a source of strength
  • Master the art of pausing and responding mindfully during moments of exhaustion or self-doubt, breaking the cycle of negative thinking
  • Time to focus on what YOU want without your “I’m not enough” playlist
  • Being supported and guided whilst you feel things you have been keeping dormant for years, pretending all is fine when it’s not
  • Science backed approaches to begin true healing from the inside out

You are lying down, feeling calm but also vulnerable. Suddenly, with your inhale comes the familiar pressure cooker feeling you’ve been keeping a lid on for years. But this time you don’t feel alone, your facilitator is present. You feel you can breathe a little deeper. Visuals of past hurts emerge, you observe them for the first time perhaps through the eyes of a younger you.

Hello shame, hi anger, resentments I see you too; oh and inadequacy I am listening..

I see your shapes, I see your colours and I see that you are not me. The familiar grip of tension and the knot in your stomach are there too but instead of running you stay. You breathe and whisper: I am safe to feel, I am safe to breathe. The noose starts to loosen and the weight starts to melt…


Peace, is that you?

Transforming burnout into resilience


This retreat is just the beginning of endless possibilities

Transforming burnout into resilience


This retreat is just the beginning to endless possibilities

“I’m all about tiny tweaks for a powerful life”

- Dr Safia Debar

About Your Facilitator

I have 20 years experience in clinical medicine and I am Mayo Clinic London's Stress Expert. I guide you to burnout proof your life. My style blends neuroscience for your mind, integrative medicine for your body and somatics for your soul. I will help you to uncover your blind spots in health/stress management so peak performance is your norm, and thriving is just the beginning. 

  • Mayo Clinic executive health doctor, stress expert and general practitioner
  • One of Tatler's "Top 21 private doctors in Britain" 2020
  • 20 years clinical experience
  • BHI certified Harvard affiliated SMART practitioner
  • International speaker
  • Currently studying for the Institute of Functional Medicine certification  
  • Passion for neuroscience of stress & wellness, somatics and integrative medicine
  • Values: freedom, health, authenticity & spirituality
  • Mission: Redefine the true concept of health breaking down its pillars & recognising their "interwoven-ness" (and let the world know about it!)  

MOROCCO 15-20TH NOV 2024








How we breathe is how we live our life. Relearn how to breathe to effortlessly trigger you innate healing parasympathetic response. 

Yoga & movement

Get out of your overthinking mind into your body to truly connect and inadvertently release stuckness.


Learn and practice how to focus your attention on what you want instead of being bombarded by unwanted thinking.

Grounding & nourishing environment

Use the sea, sand and earth to naturally reset. Seasonal, organic produce.


Surrounded by like minded people, feel validated in your experiences, heard, seen and valued. Allow yourself to be taken care of for a change.


Let a doctor with 20 years experience teach, support and guide you as you feel what you need to feel, slowly facing what you’ve been suppressing

LEARNING workshops

Who are you? 

We start with the Inner child: a deep dive into early attachment, wiring and learnt protective adaptations that are keeping you stuck. This powerful work is often the missing link for self worth and confidence

 What did you come with?

Epigenetics and ancestral trauma: linking the thread between past, present and future and how to change gene expression

 How do you handle stress?

How to feel your feelings: the science and art of letting go

 What will you create?

The anti-burnout life: tiny tweaks for a powerful life


Taking it all home with you


Morning meditation



Learning sessions 

Somatic practice with hands on facilitation  


Free time




Local Excursions

Spa treatments (massages, facials, scrubs, Moroccan Hamam)

Kite surfing

Doing "nothing" (highly recommended!)

So here’s what I see

If you are in the sun, blue skies, nature and sea... will smile

If your body is being taken care of by yoga, walks, massage... will breathe fully

If you are being fed nutritious food... will feel comfort

If you are sleeping well, disconnected from screens... will reset

If you feel safe... will start to heal

Now we are ready

I know Dr Debar and I'm ready! 


I want an anti-burn out life!