Our courses and retreats are designed to unleash potential

We aim to help cultivate the ingredients to create moments of flow and insight.


About RQ

RQ is the stepping stone to increasing awareness, mindfulness and starting to understand how our thoughts influence everything. Understanding the interplay between thoughts, emotions, behaviours and actions with the backdrop of our personal history, genetics and environment can clear the path to reduce suffering. Then neuroscience will show you what your are capable of, why you feel stuck and how distorted thinking holds us back.

“Your life is as good as your mindset.”

Hey, I'm Safia!


Developed by Dr Safia Debar, RQ was inspired by the concept ReQuiescence, as true wellness is often overlooked in the medical model of care.

We deliver this through our courses, workshops and wellness retreats.

Our aim is to empower, inspire and equip our clients with the tools, framework, knowledge and strategies to optimise all facets of their wellbeing to promote longevity, happiness and fulfilment.

The end result?

Embarking on a journey of growth, self awareness and true living of life. This in turn will promote physical and psychological wellbeing.


What We Offer


Our courses and workshops are based on the Harvard Stress Management and Resiliency Training courses developed by the Benson-Henry Institute at Massachusetts general and Harvard medical school. These programs deliver evidence based research around various aspects of the neuroscience of stress. 



Talks and workshops run by RQ as well as in collaboration with others. Our monthly events cover medicine, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, psychology and wellness. Topics include: mindset, antidepressants, beliefs, relationships, fertility, how to get unstuck, regaining your power and more.



RQ retreats is a unique concept developed by Dr Safia Debar and her expert team. We combine nutrition, yoga, fitness, psychology and life coaching to provide bespoke wellness packages set in idyllic locations. You will have access to a doctor, psychologist, and yoga/fitness instructor.


Our vision is your  freedom... 

Freedom from limiting beliefs, distorted thinking and our own imposed suffering. So, whatever your personal challenges, our intention is to help bring about a sense of peace, contentment and clarity. Our courses and retreats are designed to unleash potential. We aim to help cultivate the ingredients to create moments of flow and insight. RQ has helped participants with difficult family dynamics, anxiety, depression, work struggles, addictive behaviours, sleep, establishing a wellness practice, sadness, overwhelm and weight issues.

Is  RQ Wellness for you?

Are you are committed to weekly sessions?
Are you are curious and open to learn about how you are wired?
Are you are willing to spend a little time on yourself?
Do you want to overcome a specific challenge or simply pursue ultimate wellbeing?


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Client Love

“Understanding that what we chose to think and believe becomes our personalities! And by mindfully being aware and doing the work we can change our mindsets. This course has brought about such an impactful change as it has aided me in changing my mindset and that’s what’s made this the most significant change in my life. ”

“Since the course I practice meditation daily and keep a gratitude journal. I remind myself to be mindful, I never actually knew what that meant until this course even though everyone is always talking about it.”

“This course has been so useful for me in so many areas of my life. Really amazing. You presented the course with such enthusiasm and knowledge, and were so engaging throughout. This mingled with great humour, made you a brilliant presenter, in my opinion! Thank you for such a memorable 6 weeks.”

“How amazing to be able to learn about the brain more! I’m excited to gain more knowledge and experience less anxiety”

“I found it extremely helpful can’t thank you enough for including me”

“I can’t think of anything covered that didn’t help, I will take something away from all aspects of the course”