RQ Wellness Retreats

RQ retreats is a unique concept developed by Dr Safia Debar and her expert team. We combine yoga, optimum nutrition, life coaching and doctor/psychologist led workshops set in idyllic surroundings. They are ideal to reset, press pause and reconnect. They offer a more immersive experience and aim to equip you with practical tools and adaptive perspectives to embed into your life for increased fulfilment, happiness and authenticity. You will also be invited to refresher workshops to maintain momentum and positive lifestyle changes once back in London.

RQ Wellness retreats take place annually in locations such as Portugal, Ibiza and Morocco.

They run for 5-7 days.



Doctor Led Workshops

These will be led by Dr Debar and will be on various topics depending on the needs of the group. Each participant will be invited to reflect upon specific goals before the start of the retreat to maximise benefit.

They will be evidence based and incorporate the latest research on positive psychology, resilience, nutrition and integrative medicine. Topics include:

✨ The neuroscience of stress and resilience.
✨ Why meditate? The science, benefits and practicalities.
✨ Can I change the way I think? Developing a positive perspective.
✨ My idealised self
✨ Hormones

Yoga & Meditation

We will start each day with yoga practice followed by meditation. Each day we will try different meditation styles as well as explore the different ways one can trigger the brain's relaxation response. This may be trough simple breath awareness, visualisation, loving kindness mediation, imagery or a more active style.

We will also have an evening restorative yoga practice to consolidate the day's learning, continue to work deeper into relaxation and simply being present.

Optional Activities

These will depend of the location of the retreat.

The villa in Portugal is located 10min from the coast with access via golf buggies, car or on foot. The renown Quinta Do Lago resort is very close and offers multiple activities including tennis courts, bike tours, fitness classes, golf courses, beautiful beaches all nestled within the privacy of the Ria Formosa nature reserve. For more information please visit

The villas in Ibiza are in different areas of the island and offer additional yoga, tai chi classes and various beauty treatments.

The accommodation in Morocco is situated in the surfer’s village of Taghazout. It is on the coast with easy beach access where surfing lessons are available. Hiking, sightseeing as well as the traditional Moroccan hammam experience are also worth trying.

The precise location of our retreats are not disclosed until booked due to confidentiality and to maintain privacy.

 Sample Itinerary

✨ 8:30am - Yoga

✨ 9:30 - Breakfast

✨ 10:30- 12:00 - Creating the biology of Resilience workshop

✨ 1pm lunch time

✨ Afternoon at leisure - optional activities

✨  6pm - Restorative yoga

✨ 7:30 - Dinner and debrief

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. ”


Get in touch below for further information about the RQ Retreats options.