Welcome to the quarterly masterclass series!


  • 90 minute sessions

  • Unlimited access

  • Masterclass portal access

  • Support & accountability


Welcome to the quarterly masterclass series!


  • 90 minute sessions

  • Unlimited access

  • Masterclass portal access

  • Support & accountability




You will have the opportunity to deep dive on a specific topic, challenge, receive live coaching as well as participate in a meditation.


Following feedback on The Neuroscience of Stress and Wellness series, I am thrilled to introduce my quarterly masterclasses. These sessions will be 90 minutes and include the theory and latest research, followed by a practical session of meditation and Q&A.

Combining the neuroscience with practical tools, these sessions will equip you with tangible aids to catalyse awareness, relaxation and stress management.

You will receive a recording of the session so you can revisit the meditation anytime you wish as well as a follow up email with journaling prompts and tips. You will also be given access to Dr Debar’s masterclass portal where you will be able to access your recording and any additional relevant material as well as connect with other participants for further support and accountability.


Understand Your Brain

Improve Your Relaxation Response

Reframe Stress

Replace Negative Thinking

Evidence-based Approach


Dr Safia Debar is a private GP with an interest in Stress Management and Neuroplasticity. She is the only doctor in the UK who runs the Harvard Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) course.

She set up RQ wellness as the traditional medical model of care wasn't enough and she wanted to adopt an integrative holistic approach to health.

By learning about your brain, how it works best and how to manage your mind you will be able to create an authentic way of living, thinking and being.





  • 90 min masterclass (may go over if extra Q&As)
  • Recording
  • Follow up email with summary, journaling prompts and extra resources
  • Access to dedicated masterclass portal to be able to connect with other participants



£25 for each masterclass  |  £20 early bird rate  |  £75 for registration for all 4 masterclasses

MARCH 15, 2023  |  7PM LONDON


What is it and why is may be blocking your needs, creating resentment and keeping you stuck.


Co-dependance is on a spectrum and many of us have features of this dynamic play out in our lives. The line between inter-dependence and co-dependence may be blurred. You may feel guilty or selfish when prioritising yourself and may continuously be trying to live up to unrealistic expectations.

There are many definitions of codependency but essentially it refers to an imbalanced relationship pattern. When reviewing the literature, 4 main common threads emerge:

  1. External focusing
  2. Self-sacrifice
  3. Interpersonal conflict and control
  4. Emotional constraint (Dear et al. 2004)

So ask yourself:
Do you focus on others’ needs? Do you attempt to control or fix other people’s problems? Do you feel responsible for their emotional states? Does this behaviour result in high self sacrifice? Do you feel resentful? People pleasing? Do you absorb and mirror other people’s emotions? Can you only be happy if those around you are? Do you have trouble knowing what your needs are, let alone meeting them?

If any of these resonate, this masterclass is for you.

We will cover:

  • The features of codependence
  • Why it may play out in your life and relationships
  • The impact it may have on your physical and mental health
  • Bringing awareness to these patterns in a compassionate non judgmental way
  • Deciding if it is serving you
  • Creating a sustainable roadmap to rewire and cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself
  • Practical meditation session (the style of meditation will be discussed after!)
  • Live Q&A and opportunity for hot seat coaching with Dr Debar
APRIL 26, 2023  |  7PM LONDON


Why is it protective and has nothing to do with laziness. Reframing the concept of self-sabotage.


New year. New you. Resolutions made, resolutions broken. New year. Same you.

Why the cycle?

Laziness? Poor discipline? No time? NO.

Let’s go deeper. Be nicer and more strategic. We need to feel our way first then take smaller steps into sustainable change. The process is more enjoyable if you leverage your neuroscience in achieving who you want to be, how you want to feel, think and behave.

Join me in this masterclass where we will:

  • Dissect the concept of procrastination
  • Unearth why you are protecting yourself
  • Discover the underlying fears or motivations
  • Consider the alternative
  • Create and commit to small tiny actions
  • Practical visualtion meditation
  • Live Q&A and opportunity for hot seat coaching with Dr Debar
JUNE 28, 2023  |  7PM LONDON


The simplest way to change your state and create your life.


Our thoughts, feelings, level of awareness and degree of embodiment are influenced by our state. The latter is related to our brainwave pattern. So if we change our brainwave activity we can change our state and therefore access different levels of our subconscious. This can promote deeper states of relaxation, creativity, insight and much more!

Join me for this very practical masterclass where we will dive into:

  • Different brainwave patterns
    What state corresponds to each pattern
  • How you can leverage these states to intentionally create what you want, uncover blocks and experience insight
  • Practice awareness of each of your states
  • Meditation to change state
  • Breathwork to change state (This will require a quiet space to lie down)
AUGUST 23, 2023  |  7PM LONDON


How do we let go?


Resentment can be focussed inwards but is often focused externally and to do with a past event. It is a heavy deep energy that can result in anger, sadness, frustration, tension and inability to move on. The past then lives in the present and can affect relationships, suppresses positive emotions and most importantly keeps us stuck. Acceptance is challenging and the only person that truly suffers, both emotionally and physically, is you.

For this reason, bringing awareness and shining light on these resentments is imperative as it will lighten your load, free your mind and allow you to experience joy and gratitude again. It is not about dismissing or minimising rather truly accepting and forgiving yourself first before contemplating forgiving others.

If any of this resonates then this masterclass is for you. Through visualisation, meditation and journalling we will walk through:

  • What resentments actually are and how they many manifest
  • Their health impact
  • The importance of considering loosening their grip on you
  • List your current resentments
  • How they have served you
  • How they are affecting you
  • The process of release
  • Live Q&A and opportunity for hot seat coaching with Dr Debar


ALL 4 MASTERCLASSES | March 15, April 26, June 28 & August 23

2023 Masterclass Series



Dr. Safia Debar is a London Based GP with a passion for neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and stress management.

Named by Tatler as one of the top 20 Doctors in Britain, she is currently the only doctor certified to run the Harvard Stress Management and Resiliency (SMART) course in the UK. She runs workshops on the neuroscience of stress and works with individuals, groups as well as the corporate sector.

Dr. Safia Debar graduated from St George’s University of London (distinction) but her first degree was in Neuroscience. She completed her General Practice vocational training in 2007 at Chelsea and Westminster and Charing Cross Hospitals. She has worked in pediatrics, general medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and emergency medicine.

She subsequently spent a year in the academic department at St George’s hospital teaching and conducting research on cardiovascular risk and bioinformatics. She was awarded one of eight National Institute for Health Research fellowship in 2009 and has undertaken a Master’s in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has published numerous research papers and presented at both national and international conferences.

Dr. Debar is now an established private GP with over 15 years of experience. She adopts a holistic, functional medicine approach and incorporates these facets into her practice.